Recommendations for a successful LOMM

05 Aug 2019

Dear members,

As most of you know, Lair of the Mad Mage (LOMM) is an end-game dungeon. For the most part, mastering the mechanics is just one of the many things that needs to be accomplished. Reaching 20k item level to get into the dungeon is not enough. There are stat requirements that need to be met prior. The stat requirements are as follows:

For DPS;

Power: 118k, minimum
Combat Advantage: 118k, minimum (however, 80-90k is acceptable if you are not the lead DPS)
Armor Penetration: 71k (for Barbarians)
All other stats: 68k, minimum

For Tanks;

Power: 118k, minimum
Combat Advantage: 118k, minimum
Defense and Crit. Avoidance: 73k, minimum
All other stats: 68k, minimum

With that said, it is suggested that these stats be met before going into the dungeon. These stats are vitally important, especially for DPS classes. In the first boss fight, for example, as a DPS you are EXPECTED to solo your own mimics. A melee DPS class CANNOT help with anyone else's mimics. It is impossible to do so. This will cause way too many golems to spawn; which can result in a fail.

However, we are aware how discouraging this may be. Ask us and we will set up practice runs for you and later on we can make parties to carry you for your first time.

If you have any questions, message us in-game.

GBD Leadership
(special thanks to Lorelei)

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Welcome to GBD

09 Mar 2018

The GBD Family...


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15 Oct 2017

Breaking News: We here at GBD guild is proud to announce that we have now created our own alliance.

If your guild is looking to be apart of the GBD Alliance and you want to know more about us just visit our discord channel, we will be glad to answer any quests you may have.


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