Alliance Rules

GoesBallsDeep Alliance Rules

Image1. Do not be mean or rude.
Treat others with respect. We are all mature adults and like to have a good time joking around, however, hurtful race/gender jokes are not tolerated in the alliance chat nor by arc. Such cases have proven that arc will ban players when jokes are taken too far.

Image2. Do not be an elitist.
There is absolutely no circumstance to require a specific item level (gear score) in alliance chat. Once inside a dungeon, you cannot kick an alliance member because they are not performing to your expectations. It is a team effort. However, after a few tries you may discuss the abandonment of the instance if the team composition isn't working.

Image3. Do not start or contribute to drama.
Arguments, political talk, and religion are to be kept out of alliance chat. Whenever a conversation needs to change or stop (regardless of what topic is being discussed) the word "Pineapple Juice" may be used. It is our safe-word and MUST be followed. Failure to comply may result in disciplinary action. Discussions or arguments may be carried over pm (/tell). If the issue cannot be resolved, contact your officer or leader. Screenshots are to be provided for an action to be taken.

Image4. Do not poach players from guilds in the alliance.
For a member to transfer from one guild to another, there must be a discussion between leaders. Poaching will not be tolerated within the alliance. Any guild outside the alliance is fair game! If a person leaves their guild and joins another guild in the alliance without approval they will be kicked and will have a 30-day probation period before they can join the guild again.

Image5. Run your guild at your discretion.
Guilds within the alliance may conduct themselves as they see fit with their own rules. You many not take away from alliance rules; however, there won't be many in place.

***Actions that can result in an Alliance Ban***
Threatening someone's life
Cat Fishing
Going Bat Shit Crazy

Remember, we are here to have fun!


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