General Information

GOESBALLSDEEP is a Neverwinter Online guild. Our guild is for mature players only (18 years old and up). We are a casual guild focused on helping others and playing through the game together.

One important thing that distinguishes GBD from other guilds in the game is that we absolutely do not discriminate against item level or game knowledge. The guild community is here to help you. GBD is one of the few guilds out there that will actually help you get to the point where you can do the dungeons with us.

Our guild has 3 Leaders, who form the Leadership Council. All Leaders have an equal say.

  •   toomas
  •   xXSpartticusXx
  •   Pearl of Lutetium

We are an active guild that have players from different timezones. This is in addition to alliance members online.


There are not many requirements to join our guild. The main requirement we stress is that you must be at least 18 years old.

Yes. Even if you are Level 4, you may join GOESBALLSDEEP; attitude is everything. If you bring a good attitude we can fix everything else on our end. We can help you with gear, enchantments, item level, dungeons, and even tweaking your build.

Official List of Requirements

  • 1) Must be at least 18 years old
  • 2) Actively playing your character (once or twice a week is sufficient)
  • 3) Have a good attitude

How to Join

Contact an officer or Leader and let them know you are interested in joining.

Stronghold Information

We have a Level 20 Guild Hall in our Stronghold. As a result, our members receive perks in stats from the stronghold.

Boon Structures

Barracks - Level 10

Stable - Level 10

Temple - Level 10

Wizard's Workshop - Level 10

Guild Boon Details

Power Bonus (8000 Power)
Armor Penetration Bonus (8000 Armor Penetration)
Enhance Overload: Ward (Increases the damage reduction of a PvE Ward Enchantment by 12%)

Defense Bonus (8000 Defense) Lifesteal Bonus (8000 Lifesteal)
Hit Points Bonus (Increases maximum Hit Points by 32,000. Lessened effects at levels less than 70)
Incoming Healing Bonus (13%)

XP Bonus (27%)
Group Heal Potion Bonus (65%)
Mount Speed Bonus (17%)
Revive Sickness (Duration 2:00)
Healing Potion Bonus(Increases healing from Healing Potions by 48%)


Our Marketplace is rank 10. So members can use all of the vendors in the Stronghold!

Masterwork Professions

Our Masterwork Professions are fully unlocked. This is only available with a Level 14 Guild Hall or higher.

Additionally a rank 10 Marketplace allows Masterwork III recipes are available for purchase!

Other Information

We are constantly improving our Stronghold structures. As a result members are gaining more benefits every day.

About Us

We are a Neverwinter Online Guild.

For more information please see our Guild Info page


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